Website review and Optimisation

So many websites are poorly designed, outdated, difficult to use and sometimes illegal. With so much choice on the Internet, users will very quickly leave a poor website and move straight on to a competitors website. In a matter of seconds your customer is lost.

Remember your website is your 'shop window' to the world.

The Simplicity 'website optimisation review' examines your existing website and makes experienced and informed recommendations about how you can improve your website.

Our review will examine your website from two different viewpoints:

1) The first is from our professional standpoint where we make recommendations based on our extensive experience in Usability, Accessibility, web technologies, web trends, search engine optimisation and web standards.

2) The second viewpoint is that of your customers, as they visit and use your website. It is essential to make your website intuitive and simple to use, whilst also providing your users with important information about your business. If you do not satisfy your users needs, your website is pointless. This is a common costly mistake of website owners.

An average 'website optimisation review' will critically examine the following :
  • Usability - whether your website is easy to use
  • Accessibility - whether everybody can use your website, including those with disabilities such as visual impairments. Excluding any users, even unintentionally from your website can have legal implications, and makes poor business sense.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - looks at how you can improve your ranking in search engine results
  • Information Architecture - whether you could rearrange your webpage to make it more intuitive to browse
  • Website Design - reviews the design of your website. For example, how colour, formatting and imagery is used.
  • Content - we look at the text on your website and discuss whether any improvements are necessary.
  • Web Standards - analyses how compliant your website is against web standards and whether your website meets legal requirements.
  • Customer Experience - reviews how a customer uses your website. Is it easy for them to fulfil the purpose of their visit?
The Simplicity 'website optimisation review' will provide you with expert advice for the improvement and refining of your website.

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